June 2017 - Henry Lav

Welcome all!  A lot has happened since we last graced the information super highway with our presence and we have much to share.  Without further delay, allow me to introduce to you our winner, Henry Lav!

January 2017 - Hunter Cash

New year, same 86 crew.  We have a number of outings planned for this first quarter including but not limited to a showing at REACTOR as presented by Anime Matsuri so be sure to hit up the event and some dab up the Houston boys!  That being said, the winner this month is sure to be in attendance and there is much for us to discuss here.  Mr. Hunter Cash everyone.

December 2016 - William Tea

Happy Holidays to you all and thank you for joining us once again for our regular celebration of one of the many cars in the ft-86 platform.  Anyone who lives here in Houston must be experiencing a fair bit of climate confusion as our winter feels anything but as of late.